Friday, January 28, 2011

To Good Health

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When the New Year started I knew that I need to get healthier, I changed doctors, and then I started watching my intake of foods; by adopting more fruits and vegetables into my diet. I started walking more, and working out at the Gym. I knew I wanted to be healthier for myself! I was concern if I sat around like a coach potato just doing nothing with my health, then I was hurting myself.  If I kept up being a coach potato it would affect others in my inner circle (my family) and I could not let that happen.

Make sure this is YOUR year for better health.
Many individuals suffering with health issues they do want to be healthier.  No one ever wants to struggle with bad health.  And many are improving their health, and congratulations to them.  However, for those who feel it hard to achieve a level of good health, we have provided some tips for you.  Remember each person must be committed to make up in their mind that they want to have a healthier lifestyle change. 
  • 1. Identify what you are eating, drinking, and keep a personal journal.
  • 2. Then own up to what is keeping you from being healthy (ex: I confess to drinking too much Cola), yours could be something different. But get in the habit of confessing what is keeping YOU from being healthy.
  • 3. Then remove the unhealthy items or foods that are causing you to be unhealthy, by replacing them with more water, healthier fruits and vegetables.
  • 4. Then gradually apply exercise to your new lifestyle changes.
  • 5.  WARNING:  Always consult with your physician before attempting any new diet plan or exercise plan.
 It will take hard work, determination and a passion to be healthy. "I say to everyone TO GOOD HEALTH!"

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